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Supermarket Shriek
Supermarket Shriek

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Supermarket Shriek: a wacky adventure to be enjoyed alone or as a duo!

Enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary adventure as a wacky duo in Supermarket Shriek, a cart-racing game. Overcome unstable obstacles and crisscross stores and supermarkets to meet deadly challenges!

An exceptional offer

In an alternative, dystopian future, enjoy an exceptional offer: 3 items for the price of 2 (while stocks last)!

"Duo" mode

You can play alone or in cooperation with a friend. In this "Duo" mode, wail in harmony without getting pulverized, and delight your neighbors!

Party Mode

A Party mode for 2 to 8 players is also included, for even more fun!

Purchase Supermarket Shriek as a Steam key at and discover a delirious adventure, alone or in duo! Too much shopping is dangerous for your health.


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