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Port Royale 2
Port Royale 2

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Port Royale 2 - The Caribbean in the 16th century

Purchase Port Royale 2 as a Steam key on and discover the 16th-century Caribbean. Trade with over 60 cities, manage your own productions and expand your empire by influencing the development of the New World. Protect your convoys from pirates and soldiers, or go after them yourself.

Take command as a merchant, diplomat or several other characters

Fulfill missions on behalf of the viceroy. Attack and control enemy cities. You'll be rewarded with land that you can make profitable. In Port Royale 2, you can engage in naval battles, create your city and buildings, discover a vast world with 4 nations and 60 cities, and progress through 8 different scenarios.

Game features

  • Vast world with 4 nations and 60 cities
  • Build buildings and houses to expand your city
  • Create your city
  • Take responsibility for waging war (cities can be conquered)
  • An introductory scenario introduces you to the game's options
  • 8 different scenarios for progressive learning
  • Open game with countless details
  • 16 types of vessels

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