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Monster Hunter: World
Monster Hunter: World

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Monster Hunter: World - The ultimate hunting experience

Monster Hunter: World is the game that brings a living ecosystem to life, in which players find themselves in the place of wild fantasy animals. You can fight your own way or join your friends with the up to 3-player online mode available in all regions of the world. In Monster Hunter: World, players will have to prepare themselves to face merciless monsters and increase their hunting skills as the game progresses. Loot from defeated enemies will be used to build new equipment, and you'll need to be constantly on your guard thanks to an unpredictable environment. Get ready for intense, epic battles!

Explorer of the New World

Join the New World and discover its secrets as a hunter expedition. With Monster Hunter: World, set out on an adventure to find rare loot and battle monsters each more powerful than the last. Live the ultimate hunting experience and discover the New World!

Combat your enemies with Monster Hunter: World and unveil the wonders of the New World!

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