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Bird Simulator
Bird Simulator

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Bird Simulator is a completely insane game in which you control the descendants of the dinosaurs. Your mission is to become the most powerful predator and dominate the food chain by destroying humanity. Start your adventure in a small town where you can destroy everything in sight, from people to cars to other birds. You have plenty of destruction options at your disposal, such as using your own droppings and other objects like chairs or grenades. You can also carry things, including people.

Game objectives

As well as having fun wreaking havoc, you also need to take care of your vital needs and eat or drink regularly. You can earn points and unlock 7 different birds - Raven, Duck, Seagull, Sparrow, Owl, Eagle and Pigeon - which you can change as you play. You can play multiplayer with friends or on your own. You'll earn points by destroying cars, attacking people and killing enemies. Search for water, food and objects to destroy everything around you. You can find them on the ground or steal them from other birds. You can also play mini-games like soccer or basketball, or just fly like a bird.

If you're looking for a serious experience, Bird Simulator isn't for you!

Bird Simulator is a game that doesn't take the task lightly! It's pure bird delirium, offering some totally crazy and hilarious moments of action! If you're looking for a serious experience, this is not the game for you!


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