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Worms: the cult strategy game

Toss a grenade into the lanes of nostalgia with the original turn-based strategy game, Worms! Up to 4 teams of maggots compete on a battlefield that warps as you go with ammo crates falling from the sky, explosive sheep and more. Winner of numerous awards, find out why this game has gained a cult following and how things got started on the PC. Worms requires thought and strategy. It's not just this, but a near-infinite number of choices to win, no two games are alike!

Main features

Worms is ideal for a few hours' fun with friends. Set up the game with a myriad of options and shape the way you play. You can play for a few minutes or an entire weekend! It's Worms - you'll love it!

Think of a landscape... any landscape. Lead a platoon of little pink maggots generously scattered across the battlefield. Give them weaponry, tools and a view of the enemy. The aim is to make sure you're the last team standing. Take no prisoners! Observe where your favorite weapon and tool has been revealed and fight in a lengthy single-player campaign.

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